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Open up this neat, compact vinyl pouch to reveal a 6" x 6" cloth. It's great for clearing smudges and fingerprints on glasses, electronics, and jewelry. It even comes in full color! Your logo will show up alongside a QR code for a presentation that your clients won't be able to miss! Make this available to them at the next tradeshow or event and generate a buzz that will take your company to the next level!
$1.05 and up
If you want to generate a big buzz, look no further than the options you get from this Cloth Card Combo™. Anything you put on this item, from notifications of upcoming events or new products and services, will be advertised in full color along with an amazingly soft microfiber material in a clear attached envelope. People who would normally ignore your ad will certainly give it some attention now that they're getting something!
$1.39 and up
The soft feel of the suede cloth lets you know instantly that you're in for a treat! The smudges and fingerprints on your glasses, electronics, and monitors will all be wiped clean by a 10" x 10" microfiber fabric. Fold it down and store it in the handy vinyl pouch and take it with you! Choose from four colors and imprint your logo along with a QR code so that recipients know where to find more of you!
$1.74 and up
Keeping your brand top of mind has never been easier with our new microfiber mousepad! Printed using our proprietary full-color printing process, this 8" x 9" mousepad is set apart from the rest. Use it to clean your computer, cell phone or glasses then place it back down on your desk to use it as a smooth and highly functional surface. Include a website, contact info, brand name and logo so your clients will know who to call! This item is great for a variety of promotional opportunities!
$1.79 and up
If you want to keep your items in the best of shape, use this cloth! It's made of a microfiber material that measures 8" x 8" and comes packaged in a vinyl pouch, making it easy to store and take with you wherever you go. You can have your logo imprinted in full color for a completely eye-catching look that people won't be able to ignore. Add a QR code and you've got something that your clients will deem truly special!
$1.51 and up
Increase brand awareness and get recognized wherever clients take you! This camo cleaning towel has a carabiner clip that makes it easy for people to attach to their bags and show it off to everyone in eyesight. The 11.75" x 8" microfiber material works perfectly to wipe glasses and electronics clean. You get plenty of camouflage colors to choose from and can imprint your logo in full color. Order today and start getting the most out of your business!
$2.75 and up
Make an impression that people won't forget with the ultra cloth. This 1-color item comes in 3" x 2.25", full color bottle necker packaging so that when clients buy bottles, they'll be even more delighted by the gift that sits on the outside! The microfiber fabric measures 6" x 6" and can shine the glass used before drinking. Imprint your company logo and give your clients something that they'll truly love!
$1.24 and up
Keep cleaning simple with this 2-pack of cleaning cloths! Sometimes one just isn't enough, so our multi-pack allows you to put a cloth in a variety of places including home, work, car, and anywhere else you need to keep one handy. Measuring 6" x 6", the white surface of each cloth leaves room to add an imprint of a logo or company name, making brand exposure easy at eye doctor's offices, medical centers, tradeshows, corporate events and more!
$1.40 and up
Always have a solution by your side with the ultra cloth. It's a microfiber fabric with grommet design and sport clip. Attach this to you bag or your keys and have easy access to a way to clean the smudges and fingerprints from your sunglasses or electronics. Great for giveaway events, your logo will come imprinted on this in full color. When you hand this out, clients will instantly see your name and associate you with high quality products!
$1.67 and up
It's time to pull out the pouch! Just press the vinyl container between your fingers and out pops a premium POP Cloth measuring at 6" x 6"! This is great to always have around if you wear glasses or have small electronics to take care of. Choose from twenty-five great colors and customize this item with your logo. Hand it out to customers and they'll show off their new gift to everyone else, granting your brand even more exposure!
$0.98 and up
Keep brand visibility at an all-time high with these promotional Cool Swipe™ screen cleaners! The best sticky screen cleaner, this antimicrobial product is designed to clean tech products, computers, touchscreens, tablets and most protective cases. From our Tablet Series collection, these swipes come in two rectangular sizes of 3.93" x 2.75" and 2" x 3.5". Your price includes stunning full-color graphics and each swipe is placed on a 2" x 3.5" backing card, that's inserted into a clear poly bag. This is a great giveaway for tradeshows, tech expos, corporate events and much more!
$2.29 and up
Your customers will see clearly now that all the smudges are gone with the help of the Cool Swipe™ - the best antimicrobial sticky screen cleaner! Designed to clean tech devices, computers, touchscreens, tablets and most protective cases, this Fingertip Series cleaner comes an assortment of shapes including square (1" x1"), circle (1") and rectangular (1.3" x .8"). Your price includes stunning full-color graphics and each swipe is placed on a 2" x 3.5" backing card, that's inserted into a clear poly bag. This is a great giveaway for tradeshows, tech expos, corporate events and much more!
$1.09 and up
You can make a big splash at your next event by showing off this ultra tablet cleaner. With your logo imprinted in full color you'll be seen everywhere there's a screen to clean! You can wipe off electronics, glasses, jewelry and much more. Make this available to your clients at the next tradeshow or conference you attend. When you show what you can do, you'll grab the attention of everyone around!
$0.92 and up
Maintain the function and cleanliness of your things with the basic tech care kit. It's a collection of supplies inside of a small premium gray drawstring bag (with a one-color print) and a one-color vinyl cloth by the same brand. Imprint your company logo on this collection and make it a giveaway item. Clients will be delighted to get this in their hands, and they'll always remember you for it.
$2.61 and up
Nasty smudges and fingerprints begone! The cleaning cloth is here! It's a microfiber material that's thicker and has a heavier weight than usual, measuring at 7" x 9". Keep items like sunglasses, monitors, and electronics smudge-free. Your logo can be imprinted using our full color method along with a QR code. This way, when clients grab a hold of this, there are even more ways to learn about your brand!
$1.31 and up
Get rid of unsightly smudges when you use the suede cloth. It's measured at a large 12" x 12", allowing its microfiber fabric to clean things like tablet screens in one quick swipe. The vinyl pouch that holds it keeps it safe and makes this a very portable item. Choose from four colors, imprint your logo with a QR code, and make the biggest impact on your clients when you give this to them.
$2.04 and up
Start every event with a clean slate by choosing the Ultra Upper Fiber®Clear Cleaner Kit! Packaged in a clear drawstring bag, this handy collection of supplies includes a clear, 2 fl. oz. bottle of cleaner and 6" x 6" microfiber full color cloth. A great product for eye doctors, or eyewear retailors, this portable package is a creative way to increase brand visibility. Add this must-have cleaning kit to your marketing line-up today!
$3.65 and up
The ultra microfiber cloth is our most popular item. It measures at 6" x 6" and comes packed in a vinyl pouch for safekeeping. You can put this in your pocket, glove compartment, or purse and take this with you wherever you go. Use it to clean eyeglasses or electronics with a soft, gentle touch. Choose from twenty-five colors and have your logo printed on this for maximum brand exposure! You can even add a QR code!
$0.92 and up
If you're ready for a clear view, put the power in your hands with the ultra cleaning cloth. It's made of a microfiber material that's thicker and heavier than our normal offerings and measures 10" x 10". This is great for wiping down monitors, electronics, and eyeglasses. Imprint this with your logo and a QR code and allow people an easy way to come back to you for more. Invest in this great promotion today!
$1.64 and up
Get a clean slate with the Ultra iPad Air® Cleaner! Designed for use on tablets and e-readers, a few wipes with this handy cloth will have your electronics looking like new! Once imprinted with a company name or logo, this silver or white colored cleaner is sure to grab the attention of onlookers at tech expos, tradeshows or conferences. Order today and begin expanding the effectiveness and visibility of your brand!
$1.71 and up
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